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FSC has prepared a 15-part series presenting two and three page summaries of electric restructuring issues. These summaries consider issues ranging from the impacts on consumer protection and service quality, to the pros and cons of "stranded cost" recovery.

Written in clear, non-technical language, the series is written at a level to educate the media, the general public, and legislators about electric restructuring issues. The series is designed to fulfill a need to present the issues in a manner understandable to the lay consumer.

Readers are encouraged to reprint and distribute this information as necessary to promote public understanding of this important public issue.


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A Historical Look at the Electric Industry

The Electric Industry: Changes Underlying Restructuring
The Components of Electric Service
Different Types of Competition: What is Being Proposed?
What's a "Stranded Cost"?
Will Competitors Seek out the Poor?
  What's at Risk: What's a "Stranded Benefit"?
  What's at Risk: The Anticipated Impact on Rates
  What's at Risk: The Anticipated Impact on Services
  What's at Risk: The Anticipated Impact on Consumer Protections
  What's at Risk: The Potential for Redlining?
  What's at Risk: Environmental Issues Affecting the Poor
  Lessons from Other Industries
What's a "System Benefits Charge"?
What's a "Consumerco"?
Understanding "Redlining" in a Competitive Electric Utility Industry
Wrong-Way Street: Reversing the Subsidy Flowing from Low-Income Customers In a Competitive Electric Industry

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